Susan was born and raised in Thunder, Bay Ontario, Canada. She studied music at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. She started her singing career with the "Cool Change" band, led by Canadian R&R Hall of Fame honoree, Tommy Horricks, for 7 years. She toured the world, including exotic destinations such as Dubai, Egypt, and Kenya. Susie, a songwriter too, has had original airplay on various stations around the world, and was honored to have two of her originals picked to be in the movie, "Murderous Camouflage".

Susie's performances as ABBA's Agnetha include wowing audiences at the World Speed Skating Event in Rotterdam Holland, the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas, as well as performing at the Edmonton Mall, host to Canada's largest club. Susie's featured television appearances include the "Big Breakfast Show" in Calgary, and her talents were featured on Europe's "Star Pac" during one of many overseas tours. Susie also put together the "Susie Campbell Show Band" who toured extensively in the United States, Canada, cruise lines, and venues worldwide. She joined her current position as Agnetha after meeting Gary Raffanelli through her colleagues, 5 years ago. Even recording star Gary Puckett was quoted as saying, "One of the best voices in the business!"