Levi Maddox grew up in a musical environment. With his dad (Gary Raffanelli) constantly on the road touring, he got a real sense of what a musician's lifestyle was like. He enjoyed watching his father work late nights in their home studio and would often sneak into "21-and-over" casino lounges and hide under the tables to see him perform.

Quiet, shy, yet outspoken, Levi found it hard to fit in with other kids while growing up. He used hip hop music as a way to express himself. "I tried so many things. I convinced my parents to sign me up for a local talent agency so that I could train my voice, learn to act, and how to perform all at the same time. Being a rapper is just what appealed to me." Unlike other rappers, Levi made a pact with himself to always keep his own image a clean, "parent friendly" one. "I started writing songs with positive messages," says Levi, "no cursing, no violence… just things kids my age could relate to." Others began to notice, and Levi started developing his style in his home’s studio with his dad, who taught Levi the basics of recording. He started producing songs on his own. "I loved having sing-songy hooks, so I sang the hooks myself." Within three years, internet buzz over Levi had spread, earning him national song writing awards in 2007 and MySpace recognition for unsigned artists with 1.4 million plays.

At 18, Levi began performing shows not only with local talent, but major label artists such as The Pack, New Boyz, Mike Jones, Frankie J, and V Factory. Two of Levi's songs received heavy rotation from radio stations across the western states. "Twitter," a song featuring Universal recording artist Young Cash, became a local hit without Levi even realizing it. "It was two days after I recorded this song as a joke to my Twitter followers when I woke up to text messages all saying they really liked the "Twitter song" they heard on the radio." It became the 4th most requested song of 2009 locally.

Now working, producing, writing ... and when there is time in his busy schedule, he tours with adbacadabra as the opening show actor and technical director.