Lesley Green has been performing since the age of 8. As a singer, songwriter, actor, dancer, her first love has always been and continues to be music. Though she has held starring and supporting roles in several independent films in Los Angeles and Denver, as well as hosted a local cable TV show, she is no stranger to the stage. Starting young in her profession in musical theater, her numerous credits from Colorado to LA include: Phantom, West Side Story, Working, Camelot, Guys and Dolls, My One and Only, Unsinkable Molly Brown, On The Town and more. With over a three octave range and experience and study in nearly every vocal styling, it makes it easier to widen her opportunities. Throughout her years in Denver, Lesley was the lead singer and songwriter in the band; Pieces, the Christian rock bands; Josiah and Sea of Glass, and in the a cappella jazz quartet; The Fourtunes.

Shortly after coming to Los Angeles Lesley was asked to participate as a singer and songwriter for a children's lullaby album. As one of the writers, producers and singers on "Simple Harmony; Gentle Songs to Grow By", she and her co-artists were submitted, judged and considered for a Grammy in 2006. In 2009 Lesley started writing and singing for the Los Angeles based band Green Light while continuing her tours around the globe in the successful tribute band adbacadabra. To date, playing 'Frida' is one of her favorite things on her resume! Lesley lives in Burbank, California with her husband and her 5 year old son from whom she gets most of her inspiration! When not busy touring (which these days is not much) she teaches voice, is a personal life coach and dabbles in writing children's stories.