The son of a US diplomat, Fred was born in Buenos Aires, and grew up in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia. At 13, Fred started his first garage band in Bogota, Columbia. The band quickly became popular and soon had their first record deal. The show biz 'hook' was set! Returning to the US, Fred started a series of bands in high school and got to see many of his idols including Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. He settled in San Francisco and became part of the Bay Area music scene. As a songwriter, his biggest song writing credit has been the multi-platinum single "I Need Your Love", on Boston's 1994 "WALK ON" CD. Fred also developed and licensed a guitar design to Chandler Guitars.

  Moving to Reno, Nevada gave Fred the opportunity of meeting Gary Raffanelli. It was a rare opportunity to work with someone who had so much drive and vision. Fred oversaw the development of the music for this show. "Discovering ABBA's amazing and diverse musical legacy has been very exciting journey. I feel like a teenager again with a new favorite band!"