Born in Chico, CA, Christine's parents soon moved the family to Reno, NV where Christine learned to love and appreciate music. Her teachers saw that she had a natural ear for music and encouraged her to learn and play a variety of instruments. By the time she reached high school she could play viola, cello, clarinet, and cornet.

Singing came later as a need to further express herself. She took to the road at 17 and traveled for several years with various bands including her own "Chris Shelton Show." She also learned to play bass and percussion while singing in Spanish and Portuguese with "Zaras", and performed at the finest hotels and showrooms in Las Vegas for a number of years.

Christine then joined the cast of "Las Vegas Magic" (her first production show) as a singer, with the added duties of assisting the magician. She quickly learned about choreography and costume changes. "I'm not a trained dancer," says Christine, "I'm a singer that moves well". Tours continued through South Korea, Aruba, Japan, and The Philippines over the next several years.

"Now that I've had a chance to 'come back,' Reno is different for me," she says. "I love the mountains, the seasons, and the perpetual blue sky. I love to be outdoors, camping, fishing, biking, hiking, rollerblading, or just laying in a hammock!"

Reno is also where she re-met Gary Raffanelli and Sandy Selby. She had watched the "Gary and Sandy Show" for years in Reno and had always enjoyed their talent. Now they are all part of adbacadabra. "This show is a blast!" says Christine. "I always liked Abba music growing up, but now, to be a part of this awesome, high-energy musical tapestry is just pure fun! You have to see this show – You won't be able to stay in your seat!"

Christine met the love of her life in Reno. Aaron Anderson is a sound and video engineer and her own, personal webmaster. Her specialties now also include her impeccable impersonations of Marilyn Monroe and Mae West.