Ben Reino grew up in southern California playing music with his father, grandfather and Uncle Don, who were all professional musicians. He was inspired by his family, 60’s music and the attitude of classic Rock & Roll. Ben's dad had the opportunity to work with many great artists like The Doors, Karen Carpenter and Josh Groban. At 15, with that success in mind, Ben moved to Nashville. By 23, he was a well-established singer/ songwriter and working musician. Playing drums, guitar, keyboards and singing led him to sign a world-wide publishing deal with Ramblin Music, where he wrote and produced for TV, film and country radio. Ben has co-written songs with Lady Antebellum, Loretta Lynn, John Waite and many more.

Ben owned his own recording facility, where he became the youngest person in the U.S. to be fully certified in Avid's Pro Tools Software. With those credentials, he attracted the A-list session musicians and artists like Martina McBride, Tony Morra, Steve Brewster, Duncan Mullins, Jeff King, Brent Mason, Glenn Snow, Gimm + Icky, and Billy London (The Monkeys).

After meeting ABBACADABRA’s producer, his multi-tasking approach to performing became his strongest asset. Gary Raffanelli put him in the utility position playing guitar, keyboards, glockenspiel, and marimba. With ABBACADABRA, his resume now includes symphony shows, nationwide TV shows, major showrooms, and extensive touring.

Ben currently resides in Reno, Nevada, and works as a staff songwriter and sound designer for International Game & Technology, where he composes music for the Casino Game Industry.